Scrotum Souvenirs is owned by Trulife Taxidermy, which was established in 1964 supplying souvenir shops Australia wide.  In 2005 we marketed Kangaroo Scrotum items, which have since turned into top selling items with global demand.  

We started off manufacturing Kangaroo Paw Bottle Openers and Backscratchers, Polished Bull horns, Crocodiles, Fish and Cane Toads.  However, the Scrotum products have dominated our market, and for this reason we presently limit our wholesale supply to these items.

We are presently marketing five lines, these being the Cigarette Light Cover, Corkscrew, Keyring, and both a Large and Small Bottle Opener. These can be seen to the right in front of one of our previously marketed fish lines.

We are solely a Wholesale Distributor of these genuine Australian products, and we don't market directly to the public.  Any consumers can check out their local souvenir shops, and if they don't supply these items then you can always refer them to this site.

Scrotum Souvenirs is a Genuine Australia Product that uses Registered Designs
Trulife Taxidermy - ABN: 64 519 784 958